all around us there are patterns


All around you and me there are patterns, patterns in the physical world, patterns in the social world, patterns in the history of the world, patterns in our inner worlds. Patterns patterns patterns. Between us there are patterns, because of us there are patterns, inside us there are patterns. We all have cells, dna, atoms, the same organs (except the sexy ones for different sexes) they are organised into the same order by our dna… We are all made out of electrons circling protons and neutrons. We all live on a planet circling a sun, with other planets. We all live in a galaxy of swirling matter, circling around a central pivot point. If you were to look at us from above, we are dots on a planetary dot in a solar system that looks like a dot in a galactic dot and every stage … is made up of the dots cells and/or atoms, which are made up of dots too…. and those dots are also made up of dots. It doesn’t matter what ideological perspective you subscribe to, everyone can recognise that stuff happens in patterns.

I live in a world where everyone looks for differences. We base our lives on how we’re different from stuff… but what if we focused on the similarities instead, the connections, the patterns? What then… what would we see if looked at the sameness… between religions, disciplines, notions of beauty, cultures…

What would we see then?



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